Apr 22

Public Health Without a Playbook: How We Brought Our Anti-Vaping Campaign to Life

By Sharon and Lisa

Many of our modern public health campaigns rely on a large and well-codified body of knowledge based on decades of data, evidence-based messaging, and at least a shared understanding of how best to address the problem.

In other words, a playbook.

Apr 06

Can Hispanic Healthcare Marketing Save $4 Billion?

By Beatriz Mallory
Hospitals seeking to reduce costs associated with 30-day readmissions can benefit from Hispanic marketing and communications strategy.
Nov 02

The Power and Peril of “Patient Zero”, the Brand

By Beatriz Mallory

Last week, an object lesson in health care marketing and branding nearly escaped notice outside of HIV/AIDS circles.  

Feb 25

Hispanics and Healthcare

By Jose Villa

While a lot has been written about Hispanics and healthcare, particularly in relation to the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act, not enough attention has been paid to the opportunity they represent.

Sep 05

Hispanic Millennials and Health Care

By Jose Villa

As we enter the second open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act this fall, attention will inevitably turn to driving enrollment among the so-called “young and healthy” segment of 18- to 34-year-old consumers, many of whom are Hispanics.