The Cooperative of American Physicians

A physician-owned and operated organization offering medical malpractice coverage, risk management and practice management resources for physicians in California.
Website & Digital Engagement


  • Needed to drive physician adoption of CAP products and services through enhanced marketing.  
  • Had to find and engage more customers through mobile platforms.
  • Had to revise content strategy and sell internal stakeholders on new aggressive approach.
  • Required improving website usability for members. 


  • Needed to integrate “Members Only” website elements into public-facing website and allow for members to navigate between both sites seamlessly when logged in.
  • Required upgrading CMS path from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7.


  • New website provided platform for the launch of new ACA-inspired product, CAPAssurance
  • Recreated website navigation menu system. 
  • Exposed all content to Google and Bing immediately.
  • Developed advanced on-page SEO tools to track, measure and organize search visibility.
  • Made website responsive to desktop, iPad and mobile.  


  • Increased revenue by 45.7%, driven by new sales of CAP core risk management products and services. 
  • Increased website traffic by 176% during first 12 months after launch.
  • Prompted 10% drop in bounce rate.
  • Delivered 5% increase in search engine traffic.