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Jan 16

In 2015, wearable technology will widen consumer-messaging horizon

By Jose Villa

The strategists at Sensis continue to research the biggest trends that will impact this year’s digital landscape to share with you. Our pick this week? Wearable technology. As data flows back and forth between different devices, marketers must understand the changes in consumer behavior and watch for new opportunities to message them. Check it out.

Jan 09

4 Big Consumer and Digital Trends to Watch in 2015

By Jose Villa

As we enter 2015, the strategists at Sensis are researching the biggest trends that will impact this year’s digital landscape to share with you.

Dec 16

Segmentation: A lesson advertisers and journalists can master together

By Victor Soares

It’s hard to be everything for everyone these days, especially in the communications field. It’s the Internet’s greatest paradox: the more connected we are, the more individual we want to feel.

Dec 05

Why Atlanta Is the Hottest Hispanic Market

By Jose Villa

Atlanta seldom comes to mind when most marketers think about the future of Hispanic marketing or the dynamic Hispanic millennial segment. It’s usually far down the list in discussions of the growing Hispanic population. However, it shouldn’t be. 

The Fastest Hispanic Population Growth in the U.S. Is Happening in Emerging Markets Like Atlanta.

Oct 02

Applying “Total Market” to Digital

By Jose Villa

Do a Google search for “total market approach” and you’ll quickly see that this relatively new marketing concept continues to generate buzz, excitement and confusion within the U.S. marketing world.

Sep 05

Hispanic Millennials and Health Care

By Jose Villa

As we enter the second open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act this fall, attention will inevitably turn to driving enrollment among the so-called “young and healthy” segment of 18- to 34-year-old consumers, many of whom are Hispanics.

Jul 17

The Future of Advertising to Asian Americans

By Jose Villa

This past May, President Obama recognized the contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to this country in his AAPI Heritage Month speech. Asian Americans have long been known as a fast growing population in the U.S., and they have now surpassed Hispanics as the largest immigrant group entering the U.S. from 2010 to 2012.

Jun 27

Leveraging America’s Diversity for Business Growth

By Jose Villa

In the US today, Hispanics, African-Americans and Asians are increasingly forming a larger part of our nation.

Jun 05

Futurecasting Hispanic Millennials and the new “Hispanic Initiative”

By Jose Villa

More organizations are paying attention to Hispanics and Hispanic Millennials are drawing a great deal of that attention for reasons discussed in our recently released Hispanic Millennial Project:

May 13

It’s a collaborative economy. Is your brand a willing participant?

By Jose Villa

Whole industries are being shaken and disrupted by seemingly small startups.  Startups that appear to come “out of nowhere” and turn industries and markets upside down. Let’s take a look at Airbnb as an example. With a $10 billion valuation, Airbnb would be valued much more than hotel chains with deep histories and roots in this country.