4 Big Consumer and Digital Trends to Watch in 2015

4 Big Consumer and Digital Trends to Watch in 2015

By Jose Villa

As we enter 2015, the strategists at Sensis are researching the biggest trends that will impact this year’s digital landscape to share with you.

To start off, we’ll launch a series of blog posts and infographics today. Then every Friday throughout January, we’ll bring you the coolest infographics with trends that will help you understand what’s in store for 2015.

As you’ll see in the next weeks, 2015 is going to be a year of “connectivity.” From wearable devices to home and office equipment, they’ll all be connected to the Internet.

This means data will flow back and forth between different devices. As a result, customers’ ways of interacting with technology and brands will change. As marketers, we must understand this change in consumer behavior and how it will impact the ways we message them.

So don’t be left in the dark and check Sensis’ social media channels throughout January for cool infographics and 2015 trends that matter to you. Here’s our first favorite trend of the year: The Internet of Things (Iot).

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