Behavior Change

Oct 01

Replacing the Acculturation Model

By Jose Villa

Hispanic marketing started out in the 1960s as an industry built around language – Spanish language media and advertising to reach recent immigrants to the U.S.

Aug 06

The Media, Entertainment and Technology World of Crosscultural Millennials

By Jose Villa

Millennials are the most heavily researched and analyzed group in America.

Jun 04

Moving Multicultural Out of the Silos

By Jose Villa

Corporate America is increasingly undertaking enterprise-level initiatives to move multicultural market considerations from a segment-driven consideration into their core business operations.

May 30

How Hispanic Millennials use Food and Beverages to Connect with Their Culture

By Jose Villa

For the last year and half, I’ve been involved in a nationwide research initiative focused on Hispanic Millennials.

Apr 21

Millennials, Music, Marketing

By Jose Villa

The last two weekends, all three combined for the ultimate West coast music festival, Coachella.

Mar 30

Digital is the New Currency

By Karla Fernandez Parker

I recently attended SXSW Interactive, the premiere international symposium on digital, and watched a panel about “turning fans into customers.” I really liked what Peter Scott, of Turner Sports, said: “Digital is the new currency.”

Mar 16

How Hispanic Gen Z Will Change Everything

By Jose Villa

Marketers have focused on Millennials for nearly a decade, making them among the most-studied group of young adults. But as the tail end of Millennials turn 21 and graduate from college, it’s time to turn our attention to next major consumer group – those under 21.

Feb 05

Hispanic Millennials And Financial Services

By Jose Villa

Historically, financial service companies have been slow to focus on the burgeoning U.S. Hispanic market.

Jan 23

Facebook banking, smart devices, and social commerce: Here’s what you need to know

By Jose Villa

January’s almost over and if you haven’t caught up with the trends that will impact this year’s digital landscape, you better do it now. To help you out, the strategists at Sensis continue to research “what’s next” in digital to share with you.

Dec 16

Segmentation: A lesson advertisers and journalists can master together

By Victor Soares

It’s hard to be everything for everyone these days, especially in the communications field. It’s the Internet’s greatest paradox: the more connected we are, the more individual we want to feel.